Netroots Has Begun

Matt Glazer & JD Gins with their Matching Nerd Video Cameras.
"We got 'em today!" Matt said, nerdy joy in his voice.

WOW. So Many Nerds. I MEAN NERDS.

And I am one of them. I'm almost embarrassed to admit I'm here.

Met Noriega. He was carrying around grape leaves or something. What?

With Noriega, running for Senate, campaigning in Nerdville, USA

Apparently "Obama Girl" is here. The nerds seem to conclude that this is the highlight of the event.

DLCC Peeps.
Yes, the MeanRachel is going to come out this weekend in full force.

Gotta go, they just told us to close up our laptops for the Dean speech. But first, we have to chant.

When I say Nerd, you say Netroots! NERD! NETROOTS!


2 Response to "Netroots Has Begun"

  • Libby at Aurora Primavera Says:

    Yep. Flip Cameras = Nerd. Apparently a federal law was passed that all political bloggers must sport Flip Cameras. We should buy stock in that company right now and then dump it b/c sooner or later someone's gonna figure out those cameras are for shit.

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    Wow. Strong words from Libby re: flip cameras.