Happy 5th Annual Birthday, Eddie!

Apparently State Representative Eddie Rodriguez has only had 5 birthday parties in the 37 years he's been on the planet.
Meanwhile, in related news, Mark Strama is hosting his 57th Stramastastic Birthday Party for his 40th birthday this year.

Anyway, moving on. Here are some pics from the birthday bash tonight.

Congressman Lloyd Doggett was there, celebrating his first day off of crutches. He was "late to the Sierra Club meeting" (Congressman speak for "My leg *#$*&ing hurts!") and so he rushed off after taking this picture with Stubb's honcho Kurt Koegler and his son Chris (who looks a bit less-than-thrilled to be making his debut on MeanRachel.com. Teenagers.).

Rep. Elliot Naishtat was there, consuming all of the food, still smarting over not getting invited to go to West Texas and also the fact that he had some sort of benign cancer chopped off the side of his face last week. Seriously, I promise my partner in crime did not know to ask you that, Naishtat! Here's Naishtat with the man of the day (Eddie, not Strama) and his extended family.

From left to right: John Grey, Isabel Grey-Rodriguez, Rep. Eddie Rodriguez, and Eddie's sister Deanna Rodriguez.

John Lipscombe made an appearance, and offered to give us a ride in the back of his truck afterwards. Only in Texas. We had to decline.

Perhaps my favorite picture of the evening -- Glen Maxey holding court, McBlogger furiously text-messaging (blogging? Yeah, right.), both from their respective rocking chairs. Just remember, McB: It's hard to look tough when you're swaying with a southeasterly wind!

In Summary:
Rep. Eddie Rodriguez doesn't have Google Alerts set up for himself. If you think that's pretty freaking cool, donate to his campaign today.
Rep. Elliot Naishtat is judging a water-balloon contest on July 4th, had some serious dermatological work done last week, and as far as I can tell, does not have a website. We should donate to the TCDP, where he is somehow matching funds, out of empathy for at least one of those reasons.

10 Response to "Happy 5th Annual Birthday, Eddie!"

  • mcblogger Says:

    Bebe, it's hard to look tough in a pink shirt. Period.

    Looking tough has ALWAYS been a problem. Sticking my foot up someone's ass has, however, been remarkably easy.

  • jolie Says:


  • Mean Rachel Says:

    mcb: fortunately, I am good at foot removal.
    jolie: what's wrong with his face?

  • FUBAR Says:

    I'm glad Doggett's off his crutches. For too long, he didn't have a leg to stand on.

  • Credentials Says:

    Oh, thanks for the invite, Eddie. Reporters are banned, but BLOGGERS get to go?! Shoot. McB alone has a bigger mouth than the all of us MSM put together. And let's not even get INTO how much you can('t) trust Mean Rachel.

    /I totally mean that in the nicest way possible.
    /Tell me I'm wrong.

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    tequila cred: I wouldn't say I was invited so much as I showed up and wrote a check for $30. Does the Chronicle have that sort of budget?

    /I can neither confirm nor deny.
    //what are everyone's thoughts on a MSM Meets Netroots Nation Thursday night pub crawl on July 17th, organized by yours truly?

  • Credentials Says:

    I'd TOTALLY be down for that. I'm ALL ABOUT the pub crawls. And ya'll can throw some serious parties.

    And oops. I did get invited. Glossed right over it in my inbox. So-reeeee.

    However, to answer your question, no - the DMN does not have any room in its budget for political contributions, so I would have just had to sneak in under someone's jacket or something.

  • Credentials Says:

    p.s. EXCELLENT opportunity to start with the shots. Seriously. It's Time for Tequila.

  • FUBAR Says:

    Cred: it just keeps coming back to tequila with you doesn't it?

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    cred: Done. I will begin preparations. Meanwhile, I know I said that you worked for the Chronicle, but...what kind of self-respecting MSM reporter in Tejas doesn't spell the word "y'all" correctly?!
    Your penance will be a shot of Herradura. Yes, I said Herradura.

    fubar: And this surprises you...why?