2004 Democratic Primary Redux

Wesley Clark speaking.

I felt like I was in a time warp watching Gen. Wesley Clark & Howard Dean speak last night. How the hell did we end up with Kerry as our nominee again?

On second thought, don't answer that. Bygones.

I thought Gen. Clark definitely had Dean beat on his speech. Clark called bloggers the "keel on the ship of state." That's one way of putting it, Wes.
If we held the primary right then, I so would have caucused for Clark instead of being empowered by Howard.
Dean did have a few good lines. "The difference between Obama and McCain on Iraq," he said, "is ninety-eight years -- and we don't want to be in Iraq for ninety-eight years."

Obama signs and Dean screams.

After the speeches, I ambushed General Clark for a photo op. He looked completely thrilled. Interesting side-note: His hand feels exactly like Obama's hand -- all skin, like the throat of a salamander.

Some good photos from the rest of the night. I'll put 'em up on Flickr or something.

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