An Open Letter to the O-Opposition

Dear All,

Over the weekend, Barack Obama made the decision to resign from the Trinity United Church of Christ, after months of "scandal" involving statements made by various resident and guest reverends. Now, his decision to leave the church is being treated as a hot-button issue, saying it reflects on his campaign and personal commitments to God, et al.

Guess what, though.

I don't care!

I don't care if Obama decides to leave Trinity to join the Church of the Latter Day Krispy Kreme. If he's going to create more jobs, get us out of Iraq and make health care available to children, then he can do whatever the hades he wants when it comes to his religion.

And, in the same vein, can I point out that it was the United Methodist church, George W. Bush's church of choice, that was against Bush going to war with Iraq to begin with? Why was this not more widely publicized.

That is all.


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