Not-So-Blind Pre-State Convention Items

A State Representative is convinced he will be #2 on the ticket for Obama this fall, so much so that he was spied sporting a custom-made campaign button at the blogger party. Surrrree, blame it on the Constable. And Britney Spears isn't crazy.

What if the next potential Speaker spoke and no one listened? Or could hear him? Usually his speeches are not ones to miss. Next year, boys, allow me to pay for the megaphone rental.

Additionally, what if a PAC threw a paid-for party complete with a live band and no one showed up?

A former Speaker, who once admitted to not owning a computer, somehow hacked his way onto this blog and lived to tell about it.

A certain State Representative from South Texas is so intent to make it onto this blog that I somehow all the photos I have from last night's blogger party are of his mug. And I like you guys too much to subject you to that.

People from Houston know how to drink, at least when it's free. No wonder they're so good at fundraising.

Austin has a City Councilman who is straight-up smitten. Some might call it "happy" but all the more reason it's to be ridiculed. I'd tell them to get a room, but I hear the Hilton's sold out. Luckily they have a cynic to keep them grounded.

Suicide is not a viable option at this point, sorry guys.
This is probably your best bet.

"Hottest House Member 2008" is so overrated, having now ID-ed him in person. I demand a recount.

8 Response to "Not-So-Blind Pre-State Convention Items"

  • Anonymous Says:

    "Smitten"....what is this first grade!

    And how do I get pimped out and you leave Wendler out of it. I think the Texas Senate has a staff member who's pretty darn happy herself.

    Good seein you last night...CYNTHIA!

    People are going to be so pissed when they find out you aren't even named Rachel.

    See ya at the convention.


  • FUBAR Says:

    There is no way I or any other government grade-A inspected cynic can keep those two grounded.

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    the Councilman formerly known as "anonymous": yeah, well, I figured people would put the pieces together. And you're technically a public official, and she's not, so according to meanrachel philosophy: you asked for it.

    f-ed: you forget the power of Rabbit's tequila. oh my god which reminds me...WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT STORY ABOUT LAST NIGHT?!

    "Then we went to Tequila Ranch -"
    "Wait, does your ex live at Tequila Ranch?"
    "No but he had my spare key."
    "Why did you need your key?"
    "To unlock my purse. Which was stolen at Tequila Ranch."

  • Me Says:

    and you are technically a goof ball.

    But a pretty damn funny goofball.

    I'm stuck in city hall H3ll and can't get to the convention just yet.

    Keep em honest over there.

  • meaner than rachel Says:

    I highly recommend smitten and am all for outing elected officials even when they turn around and out me. See you at the convention.

  • Lee Says:

    Click here for a picture of Council Member M with the object of his smittenness. (Um, the woman, not Matt Curtis.) Hey Rachel, if you ever want to see some dreamy pictures of M back in his teen years I'll show you our high school yearbook.

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    lee: she does look meaner than me in that photo.

  • Anonymous Says:

    MeanRachel, that's the last time I share a sentimental love story with you. I love my Coach wristlet. It goes with everything. Casual and formal wear. I would have done anything to get it back. Luckily, a kind woman found it the next day and called me. You see, some stories do end in "happily ever after." --Tequila Ranch