Moving Texas Forward - By The Numbers

The convention has had some pretty good videos showing every few hours, making for a nice break in the "Senate District 6, Home of the Hanson Brothers' Younger Cousin and Proudly Announcing Our New SuperWalMart" tedium.

Clearly, this is getting a little old.

Here's one of the better videos that they showed yesterday that sums up a lot of the progress that the party has made this primary season.


2 Response to "Moving Texas Forward - By The Numbers"

  • FUBAR Says:

    Let the record show that Andy Brown started it. In fact, speaking for his delegation I think he said, "Madam Secretary, Senate District 14, proud to be the birthplace of Andy Brown, casts its votes for..."

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    fubar: It's not funny to make fun of the infirm.

    Coming to you from Fighting Senate District 25, home of the Veloway and the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center! (this will be how I respond from now on whenever someone asks me where I'm from)