Live, from Austin, Texas - It's the State Convention!

So Boyd Richie kicked things off to the tune of Brooks & Dunn's "Hard Workin' Man" and was then upstaged by Natomi Austin, who sang the National Anthem. Following that revival, a woman (hey TDP, maybe next time you could print the names of the presenters on the schedule in the program? mmkay!) has come out to give the "Invitational"* which was originally titled, "Dear God, It's Me Hillary."
* Ed. note: I thought it was invitational, but I realized on Saturday that they were actually saying "Invocation." So I was never baptized, have I mentioned that?

I knew that Democrats have been praying for the last 8 years that we'd have a new president, but I never knew there was such a religious start to a democratic convention.

Moving on, Roberta Ford is now honoring the Veterans, and that's only because I was saved by the 8lb. baby Jesus himself and started keeping track of names.

First time delegates: stand up and be seen. Oh, right, that's everyone but Garry Brown.

Touching video about Rick Noriega, and his wife sums it up the best and gets a chuckle from the crowd: "Rick has your back." Someone buy the domain and put that on the back of a t-shirt! Quick!

This is actually the first time, out of all the events I've been to, where I've seen Rick Noriega live and in person.

Rick Noriega for US Senate

Best line: "You would not believe the amount of accountability and responsibility we place on the shoulders of an 18-year-old private. Isn’t it time, this election, that we, the people of Texas, hold Texas’ junior United States Senator as accountable as we hold that private?"

I feel like I've been delivered my marching orders.

Chelsea Clinton made an appearance, moments after an entire sheet of curtains next to the stage fell down and no doubt scared the living caucus out of her bodyguards. Here's here unity-filled speech.

After a lull in activity while Chelsea was shuttled away, they invited all of the State Reps to come out and say a few words. I started filming the whole thing, but frankly it got a little redundant so I just picked out the hotties highlights.

Here you go, Rep. Solomon Ortiz Jr., making his second appearance on, says his part.

And these two hooligans, Reps. Mark Strama and Patrick Rose -- from here onward to be known as The Hardy Boys. After them comes Rep. Eddie Lucio III, one of the young, promising representatives from South Texas.

Okay, finally -- Jim Dunnam is getting all Obama-Strama with this whole "brief moment of silence" hat trick that he pulls at the end of every speech (source). But I still like it. Still funny, just like watching Dumb & Dumber for the 40th time, it still works. Now, this on the other hand? I'll leave that to you & yours.

Note The Button.

Here's a couple of bloggers I paparazzied, Capitol Annex on the left and Musings on the right.

Bay Area Houston is sitting in front of me.

Governor Tim Kaine from Virginia was last to go (unless you count the lame subcommittee stuff), and gave a pretty decent speech but the crowd seems tired and restless and let's face it, he's not Obama. He told us it'd be a long road. Everyone seems like they just wanted a chance to see Obama speak and as I watched him walk off stage, I can definitely feel a shift in attitude -- a little bit of disappointment on all of the delegates' behalf who I think were really excited about the potential that Obama might show up. I suddenly feel very fortunate to have been able to see him speak live as many times as I have.

Gov. Tim Kaine addressing the crowd.

All for today. I am mean& now. So what does mean& do when she's mean & tired? Go out, of course! See you tomorrow.

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  • FUBAR Says:

    My impersonation of Chelsea Clinton:

    "Oh gosh."

    "Oh gosh."

    "Oh gosh."

    "Oh wow."

    "Gee wiz."

    "Gosh Beav, you're really gonna get the business now!"

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    f-ed: what was that all about, btw? awkward. I would have ridiculed it more but I was too tired at that point to even care.