Every Rosedale Has Its Thorn

It was brought to my attention this week by State Representative Elliot Naishtat that the Rosedale neighborhood has an annual 4th of July Parade (which is, as Naishtat explained to me, where people walk around waving flags and throwing out candy) and Picnic (a picnic evidently is where people sit outside and eat -- clearly they think they are in the Pacific Northwest and that it's not 100 degrees out). Don't bother clicking the link because they haven't updated their July 4th information since 2007. Typical yuppies.

The headline event is the "Water Balloon Toss" which Naishtat himself judges. This makes no sense because in an objective event like professional water balloon tossage, you can't have a judge. You can have a ref, or a moderator, or an umpire, but you can't have a judge. Unless Naishtat is picking a winner for the "Looks The Most Like Someone From New York" award, I don't see how he is qualified or even needed to "judge" a contest like this.

Nevertheless, Naishtat prides himself on being the annual judge so I didn't have the heart to tell him (either that or he didn't have the heart to listen). If you happen to see him at the event, just be sure to ask him what happened to his face (and I don't mean his disgruntled Yankee countenance, that's basically just SOP for him). We should expect nothing less than the best from Rep. Naishtat, whose district is comprised of neighborhoods that are basically the Phil's Ice House sampler basket.

4 Response to "Every Rosedale Has Its Thorn"

  • MRhé Says:

    I guess this is a really involved call for the benefit of the in-tune-to-Tejas-politics crowd.

    I miss the IC posts.

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    mrhe: don't we all, don't we all.

  • jolie Says:

    you covered LJD's bash, so I guess elliot's thinking you'd like to come to rosedale's. the photos will be action shots by comparison!

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    jolie: Naishtat WISHES I'd cover his bash.
    Actually I won't be in town so I can't go. Because of that and because the people of Rosedale are checking ID's at the door.