Doherty Closing Gap in CD-10

A new poll from IVR Polls was reported this morning on Swing State Project, showing Larry Joe Doherty closing what was once a comfortable Republican rift for incumbent Michael McCaul. From the poll:

For the 2008 race, in polling on June 2, 528 likely voters gave McCaul a 5.4% lead over Democratic challenger Larry Joe Doherty. McCaul received 51.7% to Doherty's 46.3%, with 2.0% undecided. ... (margin of error 4.3%)

The voters of CD-10 are getting to know Doherty and rallying behind him. The poll goes on to show the impact on the district if when Obama secures the nomination, as well as Noriega's potential affect on the Latino vote in CD-10:

Historically, turnout in this district doesn't include large numbers of Latinos or African-Americans. In this poll, both groups went with Doherty, Latinos by 2-1 and African-Americans by 7-1. If Obama at the top of the ticket increases African-American general election turnout as he has in the primary, and these additional voters follow through on the down-ballot races, Doherty could close the gap even further. Increased Latino turnout in the primary was mainly a reflection of Clinton's popularity, but there is a possibility that Noriega could also increase Latino turnout for the general, further benefitting Doherty.
Larry Joe Doherty is running so he can clean up Congress, and his first step in that goal will be in defeating Michael McCaul.

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