A Day in the Country with Larry Joe Doherty

Yesterday Larry Joe Doherty and his family opened up their ranch and wildlife preserve to the many volunteers and local activists that live within the eight counties that make up CD-10. So this city mouse headed out to Burton, Texas, which lies just off of Hwy. 290 and smack in the middle between Austin and Houston, the two major poles of CD-10.

Map from GovTrack

The morning started off cool and breezy, so we stood in the shade of the live oaks and admired the beautiful landscape of the ranch. It was a great chance to get Larry Joe to talk to my cohorts who made the drive with me about the conservation of open space land and the importance that open land has on the water we drink and the food we eat. Larry Joe had talked to me about the issue once before and I had been trying to explain the conversation to the group in the car that morning.

The Doherty's ranch has a beautiful lake that made a calm backdrop to the various groups of people, who all seemed to be interested in identifying their fellow district members -- there was lots of "I live in Austin but I'm from Houston" and "That's a good place to be from" going on. There were several kids playing wiffle ball and just generally running around, inspecting dragonflies and whatnot. After a period of conversation and a quick "Thank you for coming out" from Larry Joe, the barbecue was unveiled and Texans got down to what we do best -- consuming some 'cue.

It seemed like when I walked around and took pictures of the people at each table, most of the talk going on was about their county conventions -- comparing and contrasting notes and telling war stories about the long hours and caucusing. We sat at lunch with fellow blogger Steve from Doing My Part for the Left and SDEC Committeewoman Susan Shelton, hailing from the great SD 14.

Susan & Steve
Travis County

Also at our table was a Navy WWII veteran named Milton Reim. He spent most of the 70s working for NASA as a public information officer, and as a result was able to travel to all sorts of exotic locales for "training exercises." Some of his stories were incredible -- geology training in Hawaii at the active volcano Kilauea -- and some of them we just had to laugh at -- hanging in the bars with John Glenn in Mexico, who he said everyone called "St. John" because he was the only astronaut who didn't fool around with other women. Milton had left NASA and moved to Brenham to get out of Houston.

Milton Reim
Washington County

I also met Michael Flowers and his family, from Elgin. Michael is a national delegate for Obama and won his seat because he was the only delegate who promised to set up a liveblog complete with video and photos from Denver. It's great that a CD-10er is headed to Denver, and be sure to check out his website for updates when the national convention kicks off. You can find it here (I'll also add it to the blogroll). Meanwhile, Michael and his wife Sophena have two adorable kids named Henry and David.

Henry & David
Bastrop County

It was a lovely day, until the breeze died down around 3 PM. Then people started retreating for their air-conditioned cars and drove back to wherever they were from across the gerrymandered district.

Unfortunately for the Republicans, you can't gerrymander the peoples' desire for some barbecue on a summer day, and the turnout was fantastic. Check out the other photos from the Larry Joe Doherty party here.

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