Caught Around the Convention

Blogger's Party

More pictures are here. Like I said, the only person who wanted their picture taken at this event was Rep. Solomon Ortiz, Jr.

Ortiz & Strama

From Rio Grande City, Rep. Ryan Guillen and Ortiz.


I stumbled into the SD-17 caucus yesterday, mainly because I heard Chris Bell talking and wanted to see what he had to say. It was somewhat hard to hear him due to the fact that there was a woman on the other side of the partition yelling "Can you hear me?" repeatedly to get her delegates fired up. Bell finally turned around and yelled back "Yes, we can! We sure can!"

Chris Bell talking to the press.

The most archaic voting process I have ever seen.

Texas Association of Realtors

The Texas Association of Realtors held a party last night, for their some 390 delegates that they have here in attendance at the convention. The best part about this party was that I found a Yamaha baby grand piano in the corner of the anteroom that wasn't locked. Security at the Hilton, on the other hand, was not so thrilled about that discovery.

Mark Lehman, Daniel Gonzalez and Craig Chick talk with Rep. Chuck Hopson
at the Texas Association of Realtors party on Friday night..

Harvey Kronberg, of The Quorum Report and Clint Hackney --
who looks just like George W. Bush, which he wasn't too thrilled to hear.

US Congress

Congressman Lloyd Doggett hobbled through the crowd on crutches and up to the stage to give a speech about the importance of electing Congressmen who will help clean up Congress in November. Quite an impressive row of suits was rolled out, including Larry Joe Doherty (CD-10), Michael Skelly (CD-7), Glenn Melançon (CD-4), and Eric Roberson (CD-32) pictured below.

L-R: Skelly, Doherty, Roberson, Melançon

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