Boyd Richie Re-Elected

Boyd Richie was just reelected for two more years as Texas Democratic Party Chair, winning 63% of the vote.

And I have a massive headache! I'm not pointing any fingers, but I blame anyone who gave a speech that lasted for more than 7.5 minutes today.

3 Response to "Boyd Richie Re-Elected"

  • vpltz Says:

    What I want to know is this: did you find the secret room with the $10,000 booze stash behind the stage? You had a drink with a lime on it and the rest of us were wondering if you did. ...and, if you did, why you didn't bring us one....we really could have used it.

  • FUBAR Says:

    Vince, that's an easy one - I brought the drinks out to her. I might have brought you one too, except that you were in a different part of the press area, so you had a different waiter. And oh yeah, also I'm not desperately trying to impress you like I am her. If you're floored with the drinks, you should have seen the food spread and the backstage stripper pole - big fun.

    I do have to compliment you on how observant you are though. I thought I was being sneaky removing the olives and the little paper umbrella. Who knew the lime would trip me up, at least for that one drink? Hard to believe you didn't notice the limo at the bloggers caucus. But that's nothing, I hear they're really doing it up right in Denver.


  • Mean Rachel Says:

    Yes, what HC said.
    I move that all complaints and/or commentary regarding convention bars be directed via here.