Best and Worst: Primary 2008

Now that the convention is over and the primary is officially kaput, here are my best/worst picks for the 2008 Presidential primary.

Best "Hillary is a Human" Moment: Hillary vs. the Coffee Machine.

Okay, guys, we've all been in a Tigermart. All those buttons and flavors at 6 am gets terribly confusing.

Worst "Hillary is a Human" Moment: Hillary Tears Up in New Hampshire.

Paging Dr. Laura.

Best "Obama is Superman" Moment: The Fist-Bump.

You don't get more Obama 2.0 than that! And I don't care if Fox News thinks he's a terrorist because of it. As-Salaam-Alaikum, booyah!

From HuffPo

Worst "Obama is Superman" Moment: The Bicycle Built for Nerds.

Obama. No.

From AP

Best "Gravel's Insanity Suddenly Makes Sense" Moment: The Rock.

It's a rock. And he's throwing it. In the water. Yes. That makes total sense.

Worst "Gravel's Insanity Suddenly Makes Sense" Moment: The Fire.

Okay, I was just kidding about the rock. He's freaking crazy and none of it makes sense. But I love it anyway.

Best John McCain Speech: ?

This place intentionally left blank due to lack of content.

Worst John McCain Speech: The Night Obama Won

I'm not sure you can call this McCain's "oratorical best," Fox.

Best Single: Yes We Can.

A shoe-in.

Worst Single: Yeah, ah, guess y'all can.

We won't miss you at all, Bush.

Best Winner: America.

There's no downside in this category.


9 Response to "Best and Worst: Primary 2008"

  • M1EK Says:

    Is he towing one of his kids on a trail-a-bike in that picture? I think it's friggin' awesome; one of Bush's few redeeming qualities was riding his bike.

  • FUBAR Says:

    somehow I missed the bump moment during the primary season - that is utterly charming. Also, I can't believe hillary throwing back a shot didn't make your list!

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    m1ek: I don't think there were any tots in the bike at the time but that was the function of it, yes. I take issue with him wearing jeans. Who wears jeans on a bike?

    fubar: that was last Tuesday when he won...I think we were too busy being cynical to notice when he first went on stage.
    And...look. We've all tried doing a shot of whiskey in our lives. It ain't easy. And it's especially difficult to shoot whiskey when sober.
    I could probably lead the free world before I could shoot whiskey without being severely intoxicated.
    So I can't give her that hard of a time for it.

  • FUBAR Says:

    point taken, but we're always busy being cynical, and we noticed all the other stuff!

  • M1EK Says:

    Well, it's hard to tell around here, but many people use their bikes to go places rather than present brightly-colored mating plumage and then load the bike up in their Tahoe and drive back home...

    (I would ride my bike down to clubs and wore jeans when doing so - in the winter, that is).

    I'm more upset by the ridiculous helmet.

  • Lee Says:

    Heck, I've ridden my bike to the Little Longhorn in my full cowboy get-up: jeans, boots, and even hat.

    And I love whiskey, but I don't shoot it. I prefer the sippin' whiskey.

  • miss windy city Says:

    Obama was riding in windy Chicago. It's a bit cold and in the midwest only golfers and basketballers were shorts. I think its the polo shirt and jeans combo not the bicycle. He needs either darker jeans or shirt. Its just to eighties pastel.

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    m1ek: yes, I had started to think that bicycles were only for the independently wealthy who have time to cruise down 360 in the middle of the day.
    lee: somehow, that doesn't surprise me in the least.
    the whiskey and the bike thing.
    miss: I knew I could count on you to weigh in on O's fashion faux pas.

  • Mojo Says:

    If I may, I'd like to speak to the whiskey shot and say, as an expert in such matters (whiskey being my shot of choice next to Patron), it was completely obvious that she doesn't do that much. Sip, sip, shoot?

    Not in my bar.

    Was possibly the most uncomfortable shot I've ever seen anyone do in a long, long time. Mainly because I don't drink with amateurs.