An Open Letter to the Texas Powers That Be

Hey, um, Texas, we need to talk.

The next time you decide to drop $30 million on raiding a bunch of kids out of a polygamist compound, perhaps you ought to find out whether it's even legal in the first place, ferchrissakes.

That is all.


6 Response to "An Open Letter to the Texas Powers That Be"

  • Tall Rachel Says:

    Funny piece of information for you, MR... That's my home town! (*probably shouldn't be admitting this*) The men in the FDLS group frequently go into ElDorado to the feed store, which my Dad manages, for supplies. They call him "Uncle Tommy". I'm not really sure if this creeps him out more or boosts his ego more...

    Anyways... When are we drinking again?

  • Tall Rachel Says:

    That's FLDS... typo-schnypo!

  • yellowdog granny Says:

    'papers?......we don't need no stinking papers.'

  • Anonymous Says:

    ummmmmm if you had a choice between pushing the envelope on what is "legal" to remove underage girls from sexual abuse/rape and just leaving them to fend for themselves in a community that clearly condones it, what would you do? Kudos to the brave people who stood up and took a stand against this injustice, I say. And just imagine the "hindsight is 20-20" mindset that would have pervaded if the state had done nothing and a reporter had "revealed" the circumstances in which the state had abandoned these girls. Let's think big picture here. The undisputed "facts" that the third court of appeals listed were, in my book, way more than sufficient to take action and I bet you would have done the same in their shoes.



  • Mean Rachel Says:

    anon: no doubt about it, I think that they should be removed. But if they are just going to have to go back, what was the point on spending $30M on removing them to begin with?
    There are females getting raped all over the WORLD, not to mention the state of Texas, and I think the $30M, if they'd wanted to spend it on sexual abuse, could have gone towards something more beneficial that would stand up in a court of law. $30M on a futile effort seems foolish, wasteful and detrimental to the greater good.

  • Andy Says:

    Clearly, that Austin No Kidding cult needs to open up a northern branch next to the FLDS cult.