Larry Joe Doherty Podcast with The Texas Blue's "Who's Blue"

Over on The Texas Blue this week, Josh Berthume interviewed Larry Joe Doherty about his CD-10 bid against Bush rubber-stamp Congressman Mike McCaul. Berthume starts with a great question -- "So how'd you get started in politics?" -- which segues into Doherty's 37 years of malpractice law that allowed him to watch firsthand the unraveling of our Constitution as well as our civil rights, particularly for those who make up the misrepresented constituency of CD-10.

The interview highlights some of Doherty's comprehensive knowledge of and innate compassion for the environment. This to me has always been one of Doherty's major strong suits, since water and land conservation have been important to him since before they were an inconvenient truth.

Doherty also touches on the economic as well as societal factors of the quagmire in Iraq, and the travesty of the current CD-10 Congressman really hits home when McCaul's voting record comes into play.

After Berthume brings up McCaul's recent vote against the new GI Bill, H.R.5740, which would offer higher education assistance to 1.5 million servicemen and women, Doherty states he absolutely would have voted differently than McCaul. Doherty also has the opportunity to mention the fact that McCaul voting against veterans and active-duty armed forces personnel (and their families) is nothing new, and yet McCaul never hesitated to vote "for millions and millions of dollars necessary to put them in harms' way."

Click here to listen to the podcast, and once you're done listening, make a contribution to the Larry Joe Doherty for Congress campaign and help CD-10 turn blue in 2008.

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