A Yay! and a...Well, that sucks.

North Korea announced today that they would disable all of their nuclear programs by the end of the year. Sweet. I hope it happens.

In other news, Iran claims to have reached another goal in their nuclear enrichment processes, to supplement their "alternative energy" program. Bummer. Wa-wa-waaa.

I'm not sure if North Koreans or Iranians are crazier, but I imagine we'll find out at some point. It's hard to say whether I'd trust a Communist megalomaniac dictator over anyone attempting to wage a Holy War, Iranian or otherwise.

Maybe I'm just paranoid, since I'm reading the tail end of The Winds of War right now.

However as an American I really don't have room to talk, since we are violating the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty as well.

Okay time to stop thinking about this. I'm sure there's an episode of "The Hills" or something to watch.

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