Weekend PSA

Two side notes for everyone as you head into the weekend:

1) Don't drink and drive. Make friends with a good cabbie. I don't want to have to serve on the jury in your trial.

2) Can I just say how incredibly happy I am that line dancing is becoming socially acceptable now, even when you're not wearing Wranglers? I never was able to get plugged into the Texas dancehall scene, but now they've got hip hop line dancing and I love it! It's hard to look stupid when everyone else is doing it.
If you got the Cupid Shuffle down, it's time to learn Crank That by Soulja Boy. Take it from me, it's going to be happening this weekend and you're going to wish you'd practiced. An instructional video from the seventeen year old Soulja Boy himself is below.
I would make my own instructional video but I'm too incredibly sore from doing an ungodly amount of push ups to even try. Yeah. It's like January 1 over here.


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