Search & Rescue

I've got some time to kill before I indulge in my guilty pleasure (The Hills, where I live out my imaginary life as a wealthy Californian who wears jeans to the beach and makes out with people with names like "Justin Bobby") so I thought I might dissect some of the Google searches that lead to my blog (because I'm actually just a mundane Texan who wears jeans to work and cooks edamame for dinner).

"Joan MTV Lake Travis wakeboarding Made"
I wrote about one sentence about catching an episode of MTV's Made where this kid Joan got "made" into a wakeboarder. This is by far the most common search that leads to my blog. I guess a lot of people were inspired by the girl Joan. She was basically a rockstar wakeboarder after five weeks of training.
I would have just managed to be "made" into a quadriplegic had I attempted to become a wakeboarder.

"Mayor Will Wynn's girlfriend"
Ladies, I have no idea who his girlfriend is. He's got a girl at every port as far as I can see. And by "every port" I mean "every public appearance."
Although part of me just thinks this is the Mayor's ex-wife trying to find out the skinny.

"Pickup Artist Austin VH1"
You all know my thoughts on this: hypnotically lame. And now that I've laid eyes on The Book, I find it even lamer. I do have a favorite buzzword that I've learned from it: Peacocking. This is when a dude is wearing either a strange hat or a really bright shirt. Basically something to set him apart from the others. It's become an interesting sport for me to try to spy the peacocking techniques that people implement in real life.

"Can you mix vicodin and Advil PM"
I must have a lot written on here about vicodin and Tylenol/Advil PM. But Dr. Farris would like to clarify:
Mixing the two is definitely not a good idea. You might have a terrible nightmare that you are Britney Spears at the VMAs and never be able to wake up from it.

2 Response to "Search & Rescue"

  • M Says:

    wow... I don't even know how to reverse search for something on google. I don't know what's worse, the Hill's or the fact that you're looking up yourself in reverse on the internet...

    I know, whats worse is that not only am I reading about it, I'm commenting on it.


  • Goldie Says:

    NEWSFLASH: Stephanie Tanner is pregnant!