Relocate that Chupacabra

A woman in Cuero, Texas (which, incidentally, is on the way to the lovely Port Aransas) is claiming she found the body of el chupacabra. For those of you who don't know what a chupacabra is, get ready for your opinion of Texans to fall a little bit.

The chupacabra is a mythical boogie monster that started somewhere in Mexico or Puerto Rico. The word chupacabra means "goat sucker." Most people attribute it to looking like a monster, sometimes almost alien-like. It has been blamed for sucking the blood out of rancher's livestock, but over the years has turned more into an urban legend. It can also be used as a joke, among the right company -- "Don't stay out too late or the chupacabra might get you," for example.

The picture in the news article looks more like a hairless dog to me. Some of the comments on the article (which are pretty funny) say that it looks like a breed of dog known as a xolo. The xolo is also known as the "Mexican Hairless" dog. They can now list "el chupacabra" as one of its other names because it looks a hell of a lot like the picture of the dead chupacabra.

For those of you who are wondering how this is even a legitimate news story, I'd like to remind you that we're talking about Texans here. Sometimes the heat gets to our heads. We did manage to produce the el Presidente as well.

The question I have, and what we should be more concerned about, is why this woman who found the bodies decided to preserve the head of one of the bodies in her freezer. "Honey, can you get me an ice cream sandwich? Just behind the chupacabra head? Mmkay, thanks."

2 Response to "Relocate that Chupacabra"

  • Going to Japan! Says:

    A little teacher humor:
    When students come in with hickies, we ask if the "Chupacabra" got them.

  • BlackAeronaut Says:

    No, Texans didn't produce El Presidente. They were transplanted New Englandites. They still haven't adapted to the heat quite yet. ;)

    BTW: Greetings from the Navy Guy at Flugtag. More S'plainations on why you haven't seen me around more often later.