Awesome, Being the Operative Word

My mom is undergoing surgery tomorrow morning, so I am playing the role of Surgery Buddy all day tomorrow. She should make a speedy recovery but please keep her in your thoughts.

In other news, we were awarded Friday off today for a job well-done (on the customer service end of things). This makes me

The rest of my coworkers were taking the day off anyway to go to the ACL Fest. I had planned on prank calling them all day with imaginary emergencies and to remind them how awesome air conditioning is. Now my shenanigans will not be necessary. I'm gearing up for "Three-Day Weekend: The DJ MeanRachel Remix."

You know you're getting your ass kicked in boot camp when you are doing a new circuit known as "The Ring Of Fire" (and trust me, it is not the Bunny Hop as I initially thought it was going to be) and you find yourself wishing the lightning would strike you down so you could stop running. Today I announced to the girl next to me while doing wall step-ups that I have signed a Do Not Resuscitate and that should I fall and break my neck, please, just leave me on the ground.

Nine months of boot camp and I still can hardly drag myself around a track. I better get a date with The Bachelor out of all this.

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