Decidedly Abandoning the Decider

First Rove, then Snowbird, now Gonzo? Wow. I'm enjoying this almost enough to start watching the news again. I said almost. This is as political is it's going to get for now.

I'm not sure that Gonzo's replacement (Michael Chertoff) is going to be much better. The man who allowed New Orleans to go underwater might not be able to save Bush's sinking ship. It should be interesting to watch though. The Department of Justice levees broke long ago, so there's not much more damage left for Chertoff to do.

I suppose it's tragic that it has become so entertaining to watch things fall apart, piece by piece.

Here's how it feels for me: Like a train wreck you saw coming, you uselessly waived your arms to tell the train to slow down and shouted at others staring blankly at you, "Can't you see the train coming you fools?!" until you finally just got tired, picked up a forty of Olde English, said "Fuck it," and sat down on the side of the tracks to watch the carnage.

Cheers, Dubya. This round's on me.

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